Support from Michael McCann

Michael McCann has given East Kilbride Credit Union his wholehearted backing and has urged constituents across East Kilbride and Strathaven to support the local, community-based financial organisation where members save together and have access to affordable credit.

And he followed up his words with actions this week by opening his own account at the credit union’s headquarters in the Village, East Kilbride.

Michael said, “The banking crisis was a real body blow to the nation’s economy, but if you analyse the banking sector it was the cooperative-based models, like credit unions, that weathered the storm best and have emerged from the crisis intact.

“The credit union is owned and controlled by its members but it also benefits from strong support from the Association of British Credit Unions Limited (ABCUL) and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

“I suppose, like many people, I have always wanted to join the credit union but never got around to it. I have changed that this week by opening my own account and I hope many others follow in my footsteps.

Its worth remembering that credit union membership is open to anyone who lives in East Kilbride and Strathaven. Other local credit unions are available across the constituency.”

John Lange, the general manager of the EK credit union, and board members, briefed the new local MP on forthcoming proposals to change regulations governing credit unions and are now seeking Michael’s support for their continued success.

John said, “We are delighted Michael is involved with our work and that he has confirmed he can advocate for our industry’s needs in parliament. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”