International Credit Union Day 2023

Credit Unions started with a simple idea that people could pool their money together and grant loans to each other. The first credit union’s were started in the mid 19th century, with a community first mentality and a volunteer management structure that are still fundamental in today’s credit union’s.

International Credit Union Day was created, not only to celebrate the important role that credit union’s play in their communities, but to acknowledge the achievements of the pioneers who laid the foundation for ongoing credit union success. There are currently more than 393 million members of credit union’s across 118 countries in the world all all celebrate this day in their own way.

East Kilbride Credit Union was started in 1982 by a small group of EK residents, who wanted to start a local credit union. After several meetings, a group of 26 locals collected £280.00 between them and after registration, EKCU was born. From a group of residents with a dream, collecting money in old margarine tubs, to a full staff and Board of Directors in our official premises at 43 Brouster Hill, EKCU has come a long way in 41 years! There have been many key players involved in the history of EKCU, and while we can’t name them all, we feel it’s important on International Credit Union Day to acknowledge some of the very first Volunteers, Directors, Contributors and Founding Members who started EKCU; Mary McCann, Sadie Longmuir, Patrick Farrell, Sarah Farrell, Sally McEwan, Ronnie McEwan, Peter Jones, Jenny Jones, Mary McAuley, Janette Fitzpatrick, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Mary Ferris, Moira Gordon, Lily Cochrane, and Myra McArthur. Without your vision in 1982 we wouldn’t be where we are now – Thank you.

We have had many Directors, volunteers and staff working with EKCU over the years and each and everyone brought something different to the table and contributed to our growth. We have fond memories of working together, celebrations and of course, our members. The staff team are familiar with our regulars, the founding members and those that have always championed EKCU over the years, without you we wouldn’t be here, thank you for your continued support!