member stories

East Kilbride Credit Union currently has over 6000 members!! All of our members come from different backgrounds and have their own story. This page has been designed to allow our members to share their stories with other members and anyone thinking of becoming a member.

If you would like to share your story with us please contact us at info@ekcreditunion.co.uk

Stories can be published anonymously or with your name, whichever you are happy with.


Dave Wilson

My wife Joanne and I would like to share our story with the members of the East Kilbride Credit Union. We decided to have a big wedding do up at a Duck Bay Hotel Loch Lomond September weekend 2016. About a year before I popped in and spoke to the staff there who advised me the best way to go about things. Only having recently joined we were unsure as to how long it would take etc. After many months of saving the credit union came up trumps and advanced us a large portion of the amount needed to have 80 guests wined and dined for the day. Without the credit union’s support and guidance our wedding wouldn’t have taken place. We will do our bit in telling people about the benefits of saving with the credit union. Mrs Wilson and I would like to say a huge thank you to all concerned, from that initial meeting to the board authorising our money. Keep up the good work. Dave Wilson

Cathie B

We had a very successful business that we lost as both of us took seriously ill. We sold our business at a loss and lived on the rest until it ran out. We were then left with nothing as we were too young for our pension. We ended up bankrupt and had an arrangement made to pay what we could afford. They told me to start saving, even just £5.00 per week to build up our name again. We tried to do this as it made sense. This is the reason that we joined East Kilbride Credit Union.

East Kilbride Credit Union has benefited and helped my family as the first time I asked for a loan I was bankrupt and the credit union explained everything and trusted me with a small loan. I was amazed and religiously paid it back. This was a number of years back (10 years).

Today I save £100 per week as we got our pensions sorted and live well as we now live well within our means. I am very happy and proud to be a member and I don’t think it would have been possible to get back on my feet if it weren’t for East Kilbride Credit Union. This is why I would recommend East Kilbride Credit Union to others.


My husband was a member of EKCU and I decided to join. It has given us a lifeline many times from saving for a holiday, getting a loan quickly in emergency situations such as unexpected car repairs, washing machine dying on me suddenly. I know I can go to the Credit Union and get a loan without any hassle. The credit union went above and beyond when we go an unexpected large bill for the car when it went for its MOT. We did not have enough money to cover it. I went to the credit union, explained my situation and I was given the money I needed straight away via a low interest loan. The interest charged by the credit union is lower than banks, building societies and most certainly payday loan companies. I can pay the loan back over an agreed period and I still have my savings which I can still afford to pay into.

I would most certainly recommend the Credit Union to anyone. It is a brilliant way to save, the people are welcoming and friendly and there to give you advice and help. If you need to borrow money you will get it at a low interest rate over a period which suits you and you can continue to build on your savings. It also offers travel money and many other services. Your children can join too, it is a great way to get them to learn about saving money. The Credit Union is run by the members for the members and it is a big part of our community.