Online Service FAQs

I have forgotten my PIN
You can choose the forgotten PIN link at the bottom of the login page at any time to reset your PIN.
I have forgotten my Password
You can choose the forgotten password link at the bottom of the login page at any time to reset your password.
What do I do if I have forgotten both my PIN and password?
If you have forgotten both your PIN and password, you can reregister at any time and create new login details. You will be required to contact the office on 01355 224771 to request all previous registrations are deleted.
The website is unable to validate my details – what does this mean?
If the site has been unable to validate your details, you have entered an incorrect PIN or password and your login attempt has been unsuccessful.
I have tried to login again, but my details have still not been validated.
If you are still unable to validate your details you can click on the PIN or password reminder links, where you can reset your login details.
Can’t the credit union provide me with my PIN or password?
Our registration process allows you to choose your own PIN or password – we do not receive confirmation of these details. This is for your security and to ensure you are the only person who will ever know these details.
I have forgotten my share withdrawal password
If you have forgotten your share withdrawal password, you will need to contact the office on 01355 224771, where a member of staff will be able to send you a reset email. Please note that this email is generated to the email address you originally supplied when you registered for the online members’ area.
Should I save my login details in my browser?
For security reasons, we would advise never saving secure login details in your browser. We also can’t guarantee that these details will stay accurate allowing you to login to the members’ area successfully.