Junior accounts can be opened from birth up to the age of 18 years old.

A parent, guardian, friend or relative can be a sponsor for a junior account and can contribute to it whenever they wish.

The sponsor will have full control of the account until the junior is 18 years old, when they will convert to adult membership.

To open a junior account we will require:

  • A completed joining form
  • A birth certificate or passport for the junior
  • A £5.00 deposit is required to open the account
  • Identification for the sponsor if they are not a member of EKCU.
If you would like to download and complete a joining form before you call in, please click below. Juniors cannot join online as they would not pass the ID check.Junior Application

If you would like any further information on junior accounts and how they work, please call us on 01355 224771.